Aarambam 6 Days Collections

By | November 5, 2013

 Aarambam 6 Days Collections Aarambam 6 Days Collections

Aarambam 6 Days Collections

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Ashok Kumar [Ajith], a patriot on mission for exposing the people behind an ugly scam that is uproot to mafia. Ashok Kumar aka AK is supported by Nayantara in his operation. As story progresses AK ropes in techie hacker played by Arya, who falls for Taapsee, a journalist. Arrambam story takes twists and turns here with an intriguing mass interval and reveals the main plot with a flashback in the second half. Will AK succeeds in his assignment? Forms the Aarambam crux…

Watch Ajith’s Arrambam for the flashback and stick to the seats twists and turns…

Aarambam 1st Day Collections is 10.20 Crores

Aarambam 2nd Day Collections is 11.65 Crores

Aarambam 3rd Day Collections is 10.50 Crores

Aarambam 4th Day Collections is 10.78 Crores

Aarambam 5th Day Collections is 10.56 Crores

Aarambam 6th Day Collections is 9.83 Crores

Aarambam Total Collections is 63.52 Crores



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